Dell XPS All-in-One

I know I just published a ‘wishlist’ but there is something I want to add to that: an all in one computer. This one in particular..


Dell XPS 27 20XPSo27T-2143BLK 27-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop (Black)Dell XPS 27 20XPSo27T-2143BLK 27-Inch All-in-One Touchscreen Desktop

Specs include:

  • Intel Core i7-4770S Processor 3.9 GHz
  • 16 GB SDRAM
  • 1 TB 7200 rpm Hard Drive
  • 27-Inch Screen

Looks awesome, right?! I now have something to strive for with this blog’s earnings.

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Building Your Own Website

For people who have very little computer and internet know-how, building websites can be really daunting. I was one of these before. Technologically challenged though I was, I also realized how important having a web presence is. This is all the more so if you have your own business or if you are a professional looking for projects or contracts.

The advantage with having a website is that, since the internet is free and widely accessible to different kinds of people, then you get more exposure for your business or for your services. It doesn’t limit you geographically, for example if you want to open a store, you can open it in your locality and people around the area serve as your customers but if you also have an online store, then you are widening your customer base. People from any place can buy from you.

Knowing the advantage a website can bring to my then business pushed me to study how to build a basic website. Thankfully, the net is awash with tools and tutorials to guide a total newbie like me. You can create free websites with free online website builders or if you want to take your website a notch further, then you can use one of those easy web site builders.

Surprisingly, using these easy website site builders is easy enough. Most of them have the WYSIWIG functionality that you don’t even need to know any programming language to come up with a really professional looking website.

If your just starting out or planning to build your first website, keep it simple, focused and do a bit of reading and research on tools you might want to use. It’s also a big help to visit sites with themes similar to what you have in mind to give you more ideas. And lastly, don’t get intimidated, don’t let the web conquer you, instead, do a little web conquering of your own.

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Pink Notebooks and Accessories..

I was browsing around for some ideas to personalize a netbook sleeve and I had a really feminine idea in mind. I’m planning to purchase an Asus Tablet PC though at the moment hubby is convincing me to make a go for a pink Sony VAIO we saw in the computer store last time.

Anyway, I found this cool and super feminine notebooks and accessories in PINK! Yes, if you don’t mind being so girly girly then these are nice choices..

Samsung X170 Barbie Edition Laptop – can there be anything girlier than barbie and pink combined? More info at NetbookNews

samsung barbie edition


Hello Kitty Laptop Case (Pink) – I heart this! But I think it would suit my daughter better than me lol! More of these at DreamKitty

kitty laptop sleeve

Asus Karim Rashid laptop (Pink) – super girly! and of course, its Karim Rashid hence the bold color and striking surface design. Vist Asus for more.

karim rashid-asus

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