Gourmet Valentine's Gifts

A little hint for guys in dilemma. Or come to think of it, this would also make great gifts for guys! I mean sure we would appreciate a shower of flowers, diamonds, designer bags, shoes etc etc, but if you can’t afford it then don’t push it. After all, if you remembered to your lady […]

4 Looks for Fashion-for-Less

Fashion for less? Can you be stylish without going for big brand names and burning a hole in your pocket? Let’s face it, not all of us are born as heirs and heiresses. As much as I love designer brands, most of the time I can’t afford them. But that doesn’t mean one can’t be […]

Stunning House of Harlow Earrings at The Trend Boutique

Though I rarely wear them, I find earrings to be so fascinating. Here’s some House of Harlow by Nicole Richie earrings I saw on the The Trend Boutique featuring classy tribal and vintage looks. I love it! I was thinking, uh oh! another celebrity designer wannabee but Nicole Richie churns out lots of pretty elegant […]

Shoe Pick of The Week 04: Isabel Toledo for Payless

This time I’m not picking a single shoe. More like a shoe designer.. Award-winning designer Isabel Toledo, one of US First Lady’s favorite designers has a new collection. And not just a collection. It’s one that we could afford! This would make the day of some thrifty shoe lovers. Bargain Couture! Isabel Toledo for Payless […]

Only In My Dreams: Jay Strongwater Charms and Pins

Okay, granted they are not that pricey compared with my previous ‘Only in My Dreams’ postings but I can’t help gush and dream about them. They are tiny, very intricate and have wonderful/fabulous/ + all other superlatives I could think of! I wish I could have even just one of these hmm. Really, really love […]