Gorgeous Anniversary Rings

You’d have to excuse this non-geeky post. But if you love pretty things, you’d like this, nonetheless. My 12th year wedding anniversary is upcoming and I’m being shameless (as usual) and  giving hubby a hint of what I want. I already got his present picked out, so I picked out something I would love to […]

Hearts Day Gift Idea: Citizen Watches

I personally want one, so I figured  pretty Citizen watches would make a fine Valentine’s Day gift for your girlfriends. And of course, this is a big hint for my husband, who unfortunately doesn’t read this blog. Lol. But if you’re looking for some Valentine’s Day gift idea for your beloved, you can pick any of […]

Cute Girly Ipod Accessories

I was searching for a gift for a dear friend. I want to send it through my sister who’s going for a short vacation in the Philippines. My friend is a gadget freak. And what she loves most – her iPod. She’s a singer and cant’ survive a day without her iPod. So I was […]