Home Decor on Sale!

It’s a girl thing too. I like looking at home decor and home styling ideas. I love pretty things and let’s face it, its a lot better than checking out motorhome repair, IMO. But I’m also wary about spending big bucks on decor. Thankfully a lot of online shops constantly have sales on home decor […]

Bathroom Vanities for Her

Aha! It seems I have forgotten this blog has a home and living category. Hmm, I must have been pretty much hooked on fashion finds the past months. But let me correct that lapse with a post on home and living. If you ask me, one of the furnishings in the home that I most […]

Eating for A Healthy Heart

I love to read online women’s magazines. I subscribe to a whole lot of them. Not only for their entertainment value but they provide a lot of interesting tidbits and tips on home and lifestyle, fashion, fitness and diet and more. One women’s magazine I like a lot is Fitness Magazine. They have a lot […]

Go Floral…

Flowers make a great mood enhancer. They brighten up every nook and cranny and I think they make great all time and all season gifts. Like this time, it’ll be a great way to send a ‘Happy New Year’ and good luck on the new year message, then its a great idea to do so […]

Getting Mentally Stagnant…

Am I? Ihad this really stimulating conversation with a college buddy. Both of us are college grads who used to be career driven but made the decision to be Stay-At-Home-Moms after marriage. Both of us have the similar experiences of being looked down upon because we chose to go this path. And we also do […]

Detoxify Your Facial Skin with Facial Steaming

Facial steaming offers a whole lot of benefits for your skin. It’s the best way to deep cleanse your pores, and therefore helping you get rid of pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and other facial skin impurities. The steam opens up your pores and loosens clogged dirt, makeup residues, impurities and also dead skin cells. It’s a […]

Just Musing: Earning on The Side

The main reason I made this blog is that I am just obsessive about hopping on from one online shopping site to another, trend hunting, and yakking about things we women love. Like shopping, home, lifestyle, shoes, bags, fashion. That’s it! I found myself, bookmarking a lot of favorites and oohh ahhing about some pretty […]

Your Own Homemade Deodorizing Spray

Are you fussy about smells in your home? I am and a lot of women friends I have are also particular about smells, most particularly cigarette smells, pet odors, and cooking smells. I find deodorizing sprays expensive though so I’ve been searching the net for do-it-yourself deodorizing spray recipes I could use for my own […]

On Getting Help at Home

I’m a stay at home mom and wife for the past five years. For some, this might be regarded as some kind of charmed existence, and yes there are times I feel good to have more control of my time, but still the chores I have to do on a daily basis tends to be […]

Easy Age Spot Remedy

There are countless remedies being advertised for age spot removal. Of course, most of these treatments are effective but its also bound to be expensive. I have nothing against these treatments but before you go for them, why not try a home remedy first? Simple, natural,  effective and you don’t need to spend a lot. […]