Chick Lit Love

Finally, I’m adding in a category about another thing I really enjoy – reading chick lit! I’m a book junkie. You can easily give me a truckload of books (in any genre) and I would be content to just be in some corner, curled up, reading. Even for weeks.

chick lit love- reviews, features

One of favorite book genres would be – chick lit. Some people might dismiss it as too ‘flighty’, unsubstantial reading, but I don’t care an iota. What I love about modern chick lit is that the characters are very relate-able. You can easily identify with these women heroines and a lot of these characters are multi-dimensional. And one big characteristic of chick lit – humor!

Most of the chick lit I have read are really light, very funny books. A lot of them are inspiring and motivational and with a dash of romance in some. I also love the fact that these books touch on issues and concerns we, women experience in reality, like…shopping?! hahaha really, but a lot of chick lit books touch on themes like marriage, family relationships, career for women, and a whole lot of other things. It’s lighthearted and usually a fun fun read.

I know chick lit’s are really not too serious, maybe some would call it ‘light’ but then we always need variety in life. For one,  I like reading this kinds of books after I just finish a heavy suspense thriller. It makes for variety and set a different tone and mood. Lol. I don’t wanna be forever in the ‘thriller’ mode you know. And lastly, I read it because I need a laugh, to relax and to just enjoy.

So before you dismiss chick lit as fluffy, do grab one and have a read. You might end up really having a great time.

Anyway, as I blog more, I’ll be featuring books I’ve read and adding in some thoughts. Mind you, I will not be making full book reviews, simply blabbing on what I liked and not liked about a particular book. I think I’m too scattered brained to actually write up a coherent review hahaha..

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Personal Project: Learning More About Skin Care

I am doing a lot of reading lately about skin care products and their ingredients. Why so? I find it interesting and I’m curious. In any case its a lot better reading that instead of researching xbox network cable and xbox hacks which my brother has been bugging me to do. I think I still owe him that for later.

But anyway, with hundreds if not thousands of skin care products I keep seeing on the beauty store shelves, its not unusual to be confused about what exactly to look for. Advertising is also a great influence and I find myself favoring one product simply because I love their campaign or I like their spokesperson. But somehow, I’ve been trying to go beyond that and concentrate not on the name/brand but more on what is inside that little bottle.

All skin care products promise this and that. But more often than not the ingredients they list are just what I would coin ‘bloatware’. Something that they add to make it sound good and attractive to buyers. It helps to do a bit of research or to follow the advice of your dermatologist on this.

I’ll be keeping you posted on some finds about skin care soon. Since this is an interest most women share, then I’ll be coming up with more posts on this.

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On Women's Supplements

Am I currently on the healthy living bandwagon? Perhaps so, but its a bandwagon I don’t want to get out of. Anyway, I’ve doing some reading about women’s vitamins and supplements and have also been checking out supplement critic to learn more about supplements.

womens vitamins

Most people don’t have that perfect and ideal diet that’s why we need supplements and vitamins. These can help us be healthier and to cope better with life’s many stresses. Here’s just some pointers I’ve picked from reading various sources.

Choosing vitamins for women is no mean feat because each person have different needs. First, one’s diet must be analyzed so that we could determine what nutrients are lacking from our daily diet. While there are multi-vitamins in the market care must still be applied specially for women with other health concerns.

Older women need higher dosages of calcium than younger women. Vitamin D goes hand in hand with Vitamin C as it helps activate the latter.

For the skin and hair, Vitamin E is recommended. It also has anti-oxidant properties.

Special consideration has to be made for women who are pregnant, in menopausal stage, breastfeeding or those under medication. If you fall under this category, then its still best to consult a medical professional to recommend the right vitamins and supplements.

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Pretty Pink Phones..

I’m not that much into pink, but there are times I do fine pink stuff quite charming and cute. Here’s one instance, I was browsing online when I came across some pretty pink mobile phones. I can’t help but gush, cute! Do I have a hankering for a new phone? Nah! I’m still loving my purple colored Sony Ericsson phone and I want to hold on to it till it just says bye to me. lol! But anyway, these would make nice girly gifts.. Samsung Tocco Lite Pink

Nokia 2220 Hot Pink Slide 2220-slide-hot-pink Sony Ericsson Zylo Pink zylo-pink Nokia 7020 Pink – my daughter says, she wants this for Christmas.. hmmm, should I buy it for her? 7020-pink Samsung Monte Pink – I love this! For some reason the pinkness as well as the over all look of the phone appeals to me… monte-pink Nokia 6700 Slide Pink – looks hot and sexy! 6700-slide-pink LG Cookie Lite Pink- my second choice. Lovely, isn’t it? Lg cookie lite

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