Chick Lit Love

Finally, I’m adding in a category about another thing I really enjoy – reading chick lit! I’m a book junkie. You can easily give me a truckload of books (in any genre) and I would be content to just be in some corner, curled up, reading. Even for weeks. One of favorite book genres would […]

Personal Project: Learning More About Skin Care

I am doing a lot of reading lately about skin care products and their ingredients. Why so? I find it interesting and I’m curious. In any case its a lot better reading that instead of researching xbox network cable and xbox hacks which my brother has been bugging me to do. I think I still […]

On Women's Supplements

Am I currently on the healthy living bandwagon? Perhaps so, but its a bandwagon I don’t want to get out of. Anyway, I’ve doing some reading about women’s vitamins and supplements and have also been checking out supplement critic to learn more about supplements. Most people don’t have that perfect and ideal diet that’s why […]

Pretty Pink Phones..

I’m not that much into pink, but there are times I do fine pink stuff quite charming and cute. Here’s one instance, I was browsing online when I came across some pretty pink mobile phones. I can’t help but gush, cute! Do I have a hankering for a new phone? Nah! I’m still loving my […]