Few Changes..

Yes, I decided to bite the bullet and go full throttle. Hahaha! No I’m not planning to go into battle or anything, I’m simply talking about some changes I’ll be implementing for this blog.

(1) Shopping Coupons and Discount Codes – I have started featuring this for a few months already. In fact I created a page for each online shop I like and updated it with the most recent discount coupons. Call me OC, but once those posts started piling up I kinda didn’t like it cluttering and going side by side with my regular fashion-style-fitness-women’s brouhaha posts. So now I am creating an entirely separate site for fashion shopping coupons. It will be a sub-domain of this blog and of course, I’ll still be posting a coupon feed on the sidebar. That way, you get to check out the links for the latest discounts and coupon codes.  Will be posting the link to the site soon.

(2) Online Shopping Directory – this one I haven’t started yet. Initially I planned to have it as just a small section still integrated with this blog. But if I want it to be a bit more comprehensive then it’ll add more to the clutter this site already is. So same plan as the Fashion Coupons, this will now be housed in a standalone blog, but still a sub-domain of this one.

That’s it! Now let me get back to doing some digging to get this going.. Ciao!

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My Picks: Dressy Evening Shoes Below $50

Indulging again my OWSS {Online Window Surf Shopping} Obsession last night. And here’s some of my picks from various shopping sites. I was looking for pretty, dressy evening shoes that wouldn’t cost me $50 and I picked out 14 of them..

I love doing this, hahaha it satisfies my craving to ‘shop’, I sometimes add them to cart and leave them as is. It doesn’t cost me anything, except a few hours of satisfying hopping about, and I also get to share my picks with everyone.

[singlepic id=402 w=500 h=400 float=center]

(1) Rocket Dog Women’s Orientts Knotted Silk Pump (Black | Grey) – $44.95; buy it at DSW

(2) Nina Elga (Ivory) – $48.99; buy it at Piperlime

(3) Chinese Laundry Willy Bronze Leather – $29.50; buy it from Jildorshoes

(4) Nina Clova – $49.99; buy it from Dillards

(5) Miss Me Dazzle 32 Sandal (black, beige, coral, lavender) – $39.95; buy it from DSW

(6) Vigoss Luxor Pump – $39.95; buy it from DSW

(7) Naturalizer “Prissy” – $49.99; buy it from Dillards

(8) Caparros Oblique T-Strap Sandal $49.95; buy it from DSW

(9) kelly&katie Sashay Sandal (Grey, Black, Taupe) – $39.95; buy it from DSW

(10) Rocket Dog Women’s Own It Pump (black, ivory, pink, gold) – $44.95; buy it from DSW

(11) Chinese Laundry Illene Patent Sandal – $49.95; buy it from DSW

(12) Jessica Bennett Monroe Sandal – $49.95; buy it from DSW

(13) Classy Ankle Shoes – $16.99; buy it from Forever 21

(14) Chinese Laundry Femme Fatale Sandal (black, beige) – $49.95; buy it from DSW

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Working on: A Blog Enhancement!!

I’m on the roll lately, with lots of personal enhancements hehe in line. What with my easy weight loss program, {well, not really that easy!}, buying some new dresses coz I wanna have a new ‘me’ and experimenting with a different style, and planning some more self-improvement moves and being more decisive about the future..

Well, I think that all improvements should be made on all aspects of my life. Including my blogs! Yep!!! I was just done making archives and index pages for some of my older blogs. Then I redid the template for this blog, of course the template is from the uber awesome Elegant Themes.

I also wanted to add some more value to this blog so I’m embarking on a new project related to this blog – a SHOPPING DIRECTORY! I’m still in the process of choosing which plugins to use coz I want a directory where I could add a screenshot of the website, description, etc..

I figured this would be the next best thing to add to this site since I usually am on the hunt for online shopping sites especially those selling clothing, shoes, accessories and women’s trinkets online.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to have this running before the month ends…Suggestions, comments are most welcome. Drop me a note via my contact page =)

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Tips for Shopping Prom Dresses…

Isn’t it too early to talk about prom? Well, I think since this is one of the milestones of every teenage girl’s life, there nothing wrong with planning as early as you can. Sure, some would say, prom is lame etc etc, but don’t let them damper your prom spirits. Afterall, you only get to enjoy this during your teenage years!

E1057-Prom Dress from Cyber GownPlatinum Strapless Gown from CyberGown

discountdressup_dust rose formal dress

Dust Rose Formal Dress from Discount DressUp

Looking back at my prom, there were things I really regret. A big one is not choosing my dress on my own. I conceded the task to my mom who really had no idea on what styles were ‘in’ that time and I ended up looking like a matron with a huge ribbon in my bodice.

Anyway, here’s some tips from my own experience as well as from friends I bugged to make prom dresses shopping tip contributions =)

Burgundy Taffeta Pleat Sweetheart Gown From Unique VintageBurgundy Taffeta Pleat Sweetheart Gown from Unique Vintage

  • Get a headstart. Don’t cram. Getting an early head start would allow you to do more browsing and get a better idea on what you want and what would look good on you.
  • Set a budget. Wanting to buy a $500 prom dress is fine as long as you have the budget for it. But if you don’t have that amount then set a limit that way you only search for prom dresses within your budget limits and you also won’t end up getting frustrated.
  • Buy early. You get more choices, cheaper deals and you edge out competition for the same dress styles. Girls with proms in mind generally start shopping for the prom dresses in December or January. Shopping early would also give you time to make alterations etc.

Prom Girl Strapless Homecoming Dress by Allure
Strapless Homecoming Dress by Allure from PromGirl

  • Shop around first before jumping with the cash or credit card. Go, do your bit of window shopping or if youre buying online, the do some window surf shopping. Compare styles as well as prices.
  • You have a huge resource online when it comes to online shopping, make use of it! At the end of this post, I’ll be listing down some really cool places to shop for prom dresses. Start clicking away and get an idea which styles would suit you best.
  • Measurements matter. Especially if you’re shopping online, then get your exact measurements. Study the retailer’s sizing chart and compare it with your actual measurements. When in doubt, I find it best to go for one size bigger to allow room for alterations.

Light Pink Frilly Tulle Corset Homecoming Dress From Unique Vintage

Light Pink Frilly Tulle Corset Homecoming Dress from Unique Vintage

  • Take into account your body type when choosing a dress style. A-Line styles are one of the best picks for those with curvy figures. Those with larger bust measurements would do well with halter type of dresses and should be wary of those with plunging V-neck styles. On the other hand, girls with slimmer figures would look well with sheath style dresses.
  • Also consider boutique, department store and vintage shops in your area. These places often yield cheap and one of a kind dresses.
  • And most of all, choose a dress that you are happy and comfortable with. Don’t buy a dress because its a similar style as your girl friends. Go with what you like, and you’ll be happier with it.

PromGirl - Glam One Shoulder Sequin Dress
Glam One Shoulder Sequin Dress from PromGirl
Yellow Chiffon Empire Waisted Beaded Prom Gown from Unique Vintage

Yellow Chiffon Empire Waisted Beaded Prom Gown from Unique Vintage

I’ll be featuring  ‘My Prom Dress Picks’ from each online shopping sites soon so watch out for it. For the mean time, check out these sites:

Of course, this huge lifestyle shopping sites has their share of prom dresses selection:

**Please note that these are simply links for you to browse on and for you to get started, I have no affiliations with them nor do I have any shopping experience with most of them.** PromWebsitesAssociation has an extensive listing of prom related websites.

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Online Shopping Aficionada

online shopping for fashionThat’s me all right. I’m totally addicted to shopping online. Whether its just online surf shopping (my version of window shopping hehe) to find out what’s the latest and what things are trending, to wading my way into Ebay’s awesome online auctions, to checking out the latest deals and sales, and hunting for coupons whenever I’m ready to make a purchase, to that giddy feelings of excitement while waiting for the things I purchase…Well, shopping online is just a never ending joy for me.

I know some are wary about shopping online without seeing the actual product and I also have some trepidation about this. Of course, the trick would be to go to highly reputable shopping sites, and if I am really tempted to try one site, I make sure I do lots and lots of research first. User reviews, testimonials, etc I really scour before I even bother letting go of a single dollar to an online vendor.

Though it has its disadvantages, online shopping for me offers a whole lot of advantages too. For one, I’m not geographically limited. I could practically shop for things that are in other countries too. Especially since I’m currently based in Cambodia where there’s not really much in terms of shopping venues.

Two, lots of unique, one off items you can only find online. So if you are that die hard fashionista and you are scared of showing up on a party wearing the same clothes as your arch rival then shopping online is a safe bet to score a one of a kind item.

Three, lots of great deals. If you know where to look you can get huge savings. I’m still actually stupefied that I joined an Ebay auction and I got a really nice wallet for only $1.99! How cool is that?!

Four, I don’t have to leave the comforts of my house. Hehe I am lazy sometimes so this works for me..

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