Go Floral…

Flowers make a great mood enhancer. They brighten up every nook and cranny and I think they make great all time and all season gifts. Like this time, it’ll be a great way to send a ‘Happy New Year’ and good luck on the new year message, then its a great idea to do so […]

Online Shopping Aficionada

That’s me all right. I’m totally addicted to shopping online. Whether its just online surf shopping (my version of window shopping hehe) to find out what’s the latest and what things are trending, to wading my way into Ebay’s awesome online auctions, to checking out the latest deals and sales, and hunting for coupons whenever […]

I Heart These Jean’s Styles

Well, for sure they are comfy, and before somebody says that jeans are en’s clothing only, then think again! Jeans for women have evolved in such a way that there are a lot of styles now that look much more decidedly feminine while still retaining that bit of rugged and comfy look we are after. […]