Few Changes..

Yes, I decided to bite the bullet and go full throttle. Hahaha! No I’m not planning to go into battle or anything, I’m simply talking about some changes I’ll be implementing for this blog. (1) Shopping Coupons and Discount Codes – I have started featuring this for a few months already. In fact I created […]

Bathroom Vanities for Her

Aha! It seems I have forgotten this blog has a home and living category. Hmm, I must have been pretty much hooked on fashion finds the past months. But let me correct that lapse with a post on home and living. If you ask me, one of the furnishings in the home that I most […]

14 Pretty Trinkets for Your Hair

So what to pick out next? I’ve featured a lot of shoe picks, handbags, necklaces, bracelets and some more. What’s next? This time I hopped about and picked out something nice and pretty. Little trinkets for your hair. Who wouldn’t love them? Unless you’re hair’s falling big time and you’re more in need of hair […]

Pretty Things on Sale – Apparel: January 24, 2011

Feminine Reveries’ featured Weekly Pretty Things on Sale is now back! I’ve been working on organizing posts and categories and this has been shoved to the back burner for a few months already. But were now rolling and instead of posting just one article with condensed list of items on sale, we’ll be posting separate […]

Blogging About Fashion and Style, Just Musing

Why am I blogging about fashion and style? Duh?! And I don’t even consider myself very stylish! The thing is I love shopping. Even virtual, surf shopping online. And I love picking out stuff that I envision myself or some others to wear. Some are hits, some misses. No one is perfect of course. Truth […]

10 Eye-Catching Necklaces

I was browsing through PurseBoutique.com‘s jewelry collection section and found myself drawn to their necklaces. They are eye catching yet very wearable and the price, easy on the pockets. So I picked ten and am now featuring them here. [singlepic id=380 w=400 h=350 float=center] I’m now changing the way I feature stuff, instead of directly […]

It Happens

It’s a reality. Part of everyday now that it deserves acknowledgement and action. I’m talking about drug addiction. What brought this about? I know this is a deviation from my normal ‘fashion’ topics but I can’t help but talk about it. I have a cousin who is battling drug addiction. I don’t have the big […]