4 Looks for Fashion-for-Less

Fashion for less? Can you be stylish without going for big brand names and burning a hole in your pocket? Let’s face it, not all of us are born as heirs and heiresses. As much as I love designer brands, most of the time I can’t afford them. But that doesn’t mean one can’t be […]

On Women's Supplements

Am I currently on the healthy living bandwagon? Perhaps so, but its a bandwagon I don’t want to get out of. Anyway, I’ve doing some reading about women’s vitamins and supplements and have also been checking out supplement critic to learn more about supplements. Most people don’t have that perfect and ideal diet that’s why […]

Getting Mentally Stagnant…

Am I? Ihad this really stimulating conversation with a college buddy. Both of us are college grads who used to be career driven but made the decision to be Stay-At-Home-Moms after marriage. Both of us have the similar experiences of being looked down upon because we chose to go this path. And we also do […]

Easy Dumbbell Exercises For Women

I mentioned in my previous post – Calorie Burning Activities, that I’ve taken up light strength exercises. I’ve been using a dumbbell and I did a bit of ‘looking out’ for basic dumbbell routines that I could start with. Having toned and strong muscles is one way of upping my metabolic rate. I don’t aim […]

Rambling On About My Body Image

I am in one of those musings, self-introspective moods. You see, I’ve been cleaning out my closet and ended up being almost depressed. Almost like how I feel when I’m reading a dwindling bank statement or comparing Clinicallix reviews. Why? A lot of my clothes don’t fit me anymore!! This is like a lot of […]

Quote About Women 01

I found this quote online and I think it’ll make an excellent comeback in case asks why women don’t have a sense of humor.. “God did it on purpose so that we may love you men instead of laughing at you.” ~Mrs Patrick Campbell Technorati Tags: quotes,women quotes,quotes for women

Pretty Things on Sale: June 24, 2010

I almost missed posting this and the week is almost over. But glad to say all this sales are still on so check out my picks of items on sale. Of course, links are added so you can visit the online stores for more choices on sale..   Women’s Apparel on Sale: Donna Karan Keyhole […]