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When you spend your time mostly online, and one of your main businesses is blogging and promoting it, then you’d most probably be using multitudes of social networks. And it can get very confusing. I personally have Twitter, Facebook, Google +, Linked In, Pinterest, Wanelo, Ravelry for Crafts.

But right now I’m going to talk about what I think about the big three – Twitter, Facebook and Google+. After wading through these social networks for years, I do have observations formed.

  • Twitter – a great tool for marketing, imho. But must be used in moderation too. I observed this is a great place to see what is current and trending, but its just as fleeting as its short characters. Great for interacting with random people. This is where I get to talk, share ideas with people in my locality. But as I said, contact is really fleeting.
  • Facebook – the grandmama of all social networking. To be totally honest, I’m so tired of Facebook, but one of its biggest positives – more people are in it. So its easier to connect. So this is what I use to connect with old friends, relatives and so on. Other than messaging them, I don’t have much use for this anymore.
  • Google + – might not be as huge and popular as the other two, but this is my favorite. If you want interaction and finding people with shared interests this is the place. I love how I can join a community and discuss the topics that interests us. I find myself learning a lot and growing from thoughtful and helpful discussions. Sure there are trolls here and there, but I value the real interaction you get from +’s and comments. I love the design, blogging and Android theming communities there. Very helpful.

Also my favorites would be the cooking, baking and foodie communities. It never fails to pique my interest and inspire me to try out something new. Perhaps, the reasons I like it is that you get to share your ideas, your work to people that actually have an interest, unlike FB where of course your relatives/friends would hit the like button, but you don’t get that much critique or intelligent discussion, whilst with Google+ I share my idea on a related topic and you get reactions, discussion from people who actually have similar interests. And that I think is what makes this my standout social network. A social network designed to network with like minded people.

Okay, so that ended up like a rave about Google+. Ha! Forgive me.

So what about you? What’s you favorite social network?

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