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The Complaint Letter Generator

Let’s start the day with something fun, right?

I was wondering aimlessly (again!?!@) on the net when I came across The Generator blog featuring lots fun and wacky online generators. Sites like this really make the internet become a crazy addiction. I know its all fun and at times elicit a WTF! reaction but hey! there’s always room for some fun.

Among those listed on the blog, I zeroed in on something I found hilarious: The Complaint Letter Generator. Hahaha! I know if you are chronic complainer then writing complaint letter can be tedious. So now with this generator, you can compose a letter in a jiffy and complain about that compression stockings that didn’t suit you, that electric company etc etc.

And I just had to laugh at the results: (just click on the image for a larger view)

The Complaint Generator
Warning! Don’t take this all seriously okay. It’s all in the spirit of fun, fun and more fun.

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