Thinking Out Loud..

There’s something weird about me.. I like holding conversations, not just with anyone but with MYSELF! And I sometimes talk out loud to myself, but I usually do it when I’m alone lest people think I’m already a certified lunatic. But then again, instead of holding conversations with myself, why not hold conversations with my blog? At least that wouldn’t be so obvious.

Anyway, what got me into this mood? I was chatting on Facebook with a college buddy. We have a lot in common, were both so into fashion and trends. And I gave her the link for this blog and commanded requested her to check my fashion finds once in awhile. She then asked me how come I don’t consider putting up a fashion store since I’m so into shopping and trends?

I must admit, this thought has cross my mind a couple of times already. But there are just a couple of roadblocks that stops me from pursuing this. Do I have what it takes to run a full time business like that? I also worry about suppliers and also a big consideration is my current residence where customs and other business laws are not yet so clear and that worries me.

Another option is to open an online shop. At least I save on physical store costs and at the very least I won’t be needing epson receipt printers lol! Everything is done virtually. Sounds like a good option right but what would be my target market? And considering intense competition, how would I fare with this?

One might ask why I love putting up the negatives, but that’s the way I am, I prefer knowing what I might encounter. It’s like getting to know the enemy before going to war.

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