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Time To Move

Yup. I’m taking a big leap. I know I this is a really big move for me, perhaps even more serious than choosing a pool heat pump.

You see, I currently have 2 hosting accounts from two different companies. Both are good. Recently though, the other one kept having CPU overload issues because the host has pretty strict rules, and no matter how much I optimize one of my well trafficked sites it just keeps overloading.

So I wanted to consolidate my sites into just one account because to be honest its getting hard to manage. So I was deciding on getting a reseller account or a VPS. I decided to go with the reseller hosting since my sites are not huge and it would best serve my needs and I could easily create 1 cpanel for each site, so they can enjoy a higher percentage of cpu usage.

I was veering towards VPS, but the managed VPS is kinda expensive for me. So for now I’m trying out the reseller hosting first and see how it goes from there. Once my sites have outgrown the reseller hosting and once I could afford it, I would most definitely be moving to a VPS or dedicated server.

For now, I’ll be very busy moving my sites to the new server. Including this one. So wish me luck!

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