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Traveling with My Blog Earnings

I managed to amaze my husband. He knows my daughter, my sister and I will be traveling to the Philippines in June and this also includes a side trip to Kuala Lumpur for a few days of rest and relaxation. Chos! Hahaha. Last week he asked me if I had already booked our flights and hotels. I said yes. And he was astonished coz he doesn’t remember me withdrawing from our bank account, nor did I use the card to book the flight and accommodations. He asked me if I already paid for it, and he was surprised when I said yes, all paid.

Up to now, he still gets surprised that I could gallivant around, do a lot of shopping without making any dent to our savings. Of course, everything comes from my blogging earnings. I’m pretty much an independent and a thrifty wife. Lol.

For one, all our flights were booked in advance. I subscribed to airline promo alerts and booked our flights when it was still very cheap. I just used my debit card to book this, all funded from my Paypal and my blogging earnings from the last week of March to early April. I have also booked our hotels via and you can easily score early bird discounts there and pay by Paypal.

Travel Stamps

For flights I spent about $540 (2 pax). For hotels about $160. All total: $700. All of these from just about 3 weeks of blogging earnings from direct advertisers, and paid post writing. And I still had an excess to purchase a new air conditioner from March earnings.

March and April has been a really good months for me and to think that April is just halfway through. At the rate its going, I could still save more than enough for pocket money and shopping.

The thing with earning with blogs is that, the earnings can be not uniform, there are months where you can really have a lot. Some are just lean. But the trick is to keep working on it and after awhile you’ll achieve some consistent earnings. As for me, I’m very very happy with what I am doing. I look like I bum around but I earn some, plus some more. I also like the freedom and not having anyone breathing down my neck and screaming about deadlines. Ah, the good life!

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