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Tricks To Speeding Up Metabolism

I’m one of those genetically unlucky women who has a really really slow metabolic rate. How I envy those who could eat truckloads but not even gain an ounce. But I realize I have to do something about this. When I was a teenager, though I have slow metabolism, I always have a healthy weight. Even in my 20’s I had that ‘just right’ body weight.

Everything went downhill after I gave birth to my child. And my weight gain was not helped when I quit working and starting working from home. I had my jewelry business and working was done mostly sitting down. Talk about a drastic change in my physical activities. When the business was doing good I had tons to do and exercise was put on the back burner. Before I realized it, I gained lots already. Oh, I’ve tried a smorgasbord of diets, weight loss drinks, at one time I did even try diet pills but none of them worked. Sure, I lost some weight but I did easily gained it all back after a month or two.

Now I’m in a serious dilemma coz I’m working online on my blogs so I sit down a lot of times. Losing weight is now becoming an almost obsession to me. For two weeks now I’ve been doing lots of research and I’m starting to realize where I’ve gone wrong.. I realized I’ve got to improve the rate of my metabolism, knowing that I am sedentary most of the day just prompts me now to do something to remedy the situation.

One article I read on Yahoo! Health discusses 7 tricks to a speedier metabolism. Click on the link to read the full article. But in summary, the article lists down the following ways to increase our metabolic rate and therefore increasing the rate we burn calories..

  • Get more than 5 hours of sleep. – I am so guilty of this! I always sleep late and wake up early so the whole day I mostly feel lethargic.
  • De-stress – true. Whenever I am stressed I tend to binge.
  • Do not skip breakfast – At least this one I am religiously following.
  • Get out of the chair – “Staying on your feet revs metabolism and doubles your calorie burn during workdays”..
  • Avoid junk foods – “Junk food might stimulate a gene that encourages your body to store excess fat, causing you to gain weight over time.”
  • Avoid falling into workout rut – when weight loss plateau arrives, I often lose interest. Experts advice continously eating a healthy diet and trying out new workout routines.
  • Add some weight exercises – muscles help in burning calories so don’t dodge the weight training room. “Add weight-bearing exercises like planks, lunges, squats and tricep dips to your workouts three times a week.”

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