Little ASUS Netbook
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Tricky Tiny Laptop

For some reason I’m having a hard time adjusting to these teeny weeny laptops. About six months ago I bought myself a blogging lappie/netbook. While I had so much fun watching movies, playing music, games on it for quite a long time coz of the superb battery life, I was also piqued that the keyboard was small that made typing my blog posts extra hard.

Little ASUS Netbook

I know its a netbook so the keyboard is compressed and small, and yeah I think my fingers are just humongous so I still tried anyway. I even bought myself a small mouse to make navigating it easier. But in all seriousness I can’t get used to it. Hahaha!

So after our short vacation {where I was lugging the netbook around}, I made hubby try it out. And lol! they were like a match made in heaven. He loved it and told me he’ll be bringing my netbook with him when he travels. I don’t mind really. But that confined me to blogging with my desktop. He did tell me I could have his Acer laptop. So I said goodbye to my little netbook.

I could still borrow it from time to time but only for casual browsing and never for some serious typing. I’m planning now to buy myself a blogging laptop, preferably something big enough 15-17″ and with lots of hard disk space and fast RAM. That would be my gadget for blogging.

I’m also thinking of buying a tablet. An Android tablet and I’m looking around for some affordable ones. This will be mainly for my browsing and ebook reading. Also when I travel, I don’t want to bring around a laptop so a tablet would do.

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