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Tweaked Galaxy Tab 2 Homescreen

I just got myself a Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and within hours of getting it, I had been itching to root it. Yes, I’m just really nuts. The only thing that stopped me is that, the thing is still under warranty. BUT what’s really great is that with a little imagination and tweaking here and there you can achieve a totally different look for your tablet/phone.

I really don’t like being generic. Like my deal is just one of those millions, and I have always liked personalized stuff. And that’s what I set out to do, make my tablet look different from the rest. At least the homescreen. So I postponed an afternoon searching for sof sole from, and headed over to the playstore to see what apps I could play with to make my Tablet a whole lot prettier and more ME.

Here’s the BEFORE screenshot. The basic Samsung skin..

Samsung Galaxy Tab Default Homescreen

I personally don’t like a lot of icons on my screen. It drives me dizzy. After adding just two widget apps and a wallpaper change, here’s my new AFTER look:

Homescreen 1: default – clean looking. just the way I like it. Weather and time widget. No icons.

Homescreen 2: just widgets for my videos and music player, so I can play them instantly. And shortcut to my most frequently used things. All the rest of the apps are inside the app drawer.

Free Apps used: BestWallpapers HD, Ultimate Custom Widget UCCW (+ Series UCCW Skin), BeWeather & Widgets.

I used the Series UCCW Skin coz I’m a little bit lazy to make my own. hahaha! Alternatively, you can also use Minimalist Text icon maker to achieve the all text widget drama.

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