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I found myself LMAO with these finds at Amazon. They are some really funny ideas and based on the customers reviews they are indeed funny and unique. If anyone here is looking for a nerdy, unique and gloriously funny gifts for loved ones, then consider these journals.

Cool and Funny Gift Idea: Funny Journals

I could actually imagine my crazy-with-pranks brother having a field day with these ideas from the FU: The Journal to Destroy, Rant and Vent Without the Police Becoming Involved. I can see him cackling with glee and rubbing his hands with things he could do while casually lounging on a rustic porch swing. I’m so totally buying this for him for Christmas..

The book description even cracks me up:

FU offers readers more than 60 activities to scribble, rant, and vent whenever they need release some tension. Featuring fun and hilarious exercises, like making a list of favorite swear words, casting a spell on the most annoying person they know, or turning a journal page into spitballs, this book is the perfect way to keep readers from freaking out on their boss, ex, fellow drivers, or anyone else who ticks them off.

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Funny and Cool Gift Ideas: Funny Journals

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Funny and Cool Gift Idea: Funny Journals


FU Ex Boyfriend, Girlfriend, Husband, Wife, Partner: A journal so you can destroy, rant and vent without receiving a restraining order

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