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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Sexy Stackers Game

Geeky but sooo sexy! A twist to your original Jenga Game  and an interesting alternative to the usual ‘strip tease’ routine and it goes without saying that this game is meant to be played indoors or in private. Preferably between two persons only.

Sexy Stackers Game - Gift Idea for Valentine's Day

The Sexy Stackers game has a pretty unusual and quirky little consequences. They are not your usual take out and dares.

Sexy Stackers Game - Valentine's Day Gift Idea

The product description sums it up:

Put some passion in your play with our sexy stackers game. Your partner will love where the rest of the game will take you. Take turns removing one block at a time from the tower and carefully place it on top. When you draw a block with a racy action message on it, you must perform the action on your partner before the game resumes. Examples include: “Take off a piece of clothing.” and “Blindfold your partner and caress a part of their body.” The game ends (and bedroom fun begins) when the tower topples. The winner is the last person to stack a block without the tower falling.


Sexy Stackers Game - valentines day gift ideas

This is an exclusive from RedEnvelope.

Would make a perfectly cute and sexy game to your other half this Valentine’s day, right? You know just to spice things up a bit…


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