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Value for Money Smartphone: Alcatel Pop C9

My sister has been looking for a smartphone to buy for sometime already. BUT she is very exacting and quite specific. And she has been bugging me to recommend a good one for her and one at a price point she could live with.

Let’s just say she is extremely budget conscious and wants a device that can do what she wants at a reasonable price point. Yeah, she’s the sort to scour different sites to see if the prices are different for every thing she wants to buy.

I asked her what she wants to do with the phone, what functions she wants. She wants to use it for social media, read emails, maybe some news updates, so she prefers a big screen phone preferably above 5″. It also needs to have a passable camera and can play a few games. And most of all, must not cost more than $200.

Alcatel Pop C9 Buyer Review

So off we went to do our research and stumbled across Alcatel Pop C9. And was quite impressed. We headed over to the nearest phone shop to play with it and see if it suits her. And she loved it. The price point is also LOVE. We got it for $199 with 1 yr warranty (lower if you opt for 3 or 6 mo warranty) and a host of freebies.

I liked that it doesn’t look cheap, its actually well made and resembles the Galaxy Note 1, the screen is crisp, bright and big at 5.5″. It’s also passably fast with 1 GB RAM,¬†Quad-core 1.3 GHz, runs on Android Jelly Bean, and has an 8MP camera which takes reasonably good photos.

Let’s just say my sister is very very happy with her purchase. And me too. I would recommend it, if you’re looking for a budget smartphone that packs a punch, go for an Alcatel Pop C9.

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