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Video: Aromatherapy Recipe for Sinus and Chest Congestion

I have this thing about aromatherapy and alternative health care. I mean, I like taking care of myself and if there is a natural way to help prevent any ailments, then I’m bound to be interested in it. Not that I fancy myself holding healthcare jobs, I simply am very curious about what other means one can alleviate or prevent any disease. One of the things I’m very interested in is natural remedies for those with sinus and asthma. My mom, my sister, me and my daughter has this problem. Just this past year, I found it very helpful to have regular facial saunas particularly when I have clogged nose. I rarely now have severe asthma attacks, and it just really helps the sneezing bouts. I found this video at E-how and its has some helpful and interesting tips.. Aromatherapy Blend Recipe for Sinus & Chest Congestion — powered by

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