Video: Makeup Tips to Get a Sexy City Look

One thing I’m pretty hopeless at is applying make-up. I simply don’t have that talent. My cosmetic application talent extends to just applying lip gloss. So, I’m heavily reliant on some friends who wields mean make-up brushes, or my make-up artist cousin (if she’s available).

If all of them are unavailable then I simply had to trust my own hands, and hope I don’t look like a freak when I’m done. That’s why these tutorials I’ve been finding from the net are really awesome. I don’t need to go to a beauty school to learn these easy tips.

Here’s one teaching some really great how-to’s on applying make-up for a night out in the city..


I must say I love the look MichellePhan created. Totally sexy! Some might find the look too outrageous so you’d need to do some modifications but yeah this one just has a lot of tips that would come in handy if you’re stuck doing your own make-up.

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