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Vintage Camera iPhone Case

I like cool, funky accessories. And if it has a vintage vibe to it, all the more appealing to me. This one fits all manners of cool, funky and vintage. I’m talking about the Wood Camera iPhone Case. It’s like a wonderful marriage between modern tech (iPhone) and something old school like an old wooden camera. Love it love it love it! I might even be tempted to want an iPhone.

Wood Camera iPhone Case

Wood Camera iPhone Case

I’ve been holding out buying a new phone because I rarely use it anyway. Just for calls. Which makes me think, gee, perhaps I’m really aging. I hate texting or doing stuff on my phone like gaming or organizing. I think screens are too tiny and there’s the laptop or tablet to do other stuff. BUT if phone accessories are these cool, wow! I want want hahahaha..

Wood Camera iPhone Case

Wood Camera iPhone Case

The specs?

  • Made of real Walnut wood
  • Classic camera look for your iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S
  • Sustainable; no endangered or tropical woods used
  • Inner felt pad absorbs shock
  • Weighs only 22g — less than a plastic case!

Via Photojo

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  1. i love that wooden camera case! but i’ve looked everywhere, and cant seem to find it! i’m leaving my android phone for the new iphone but i can’t live without this case. do you know where to purchase it from?

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