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Hello! Welcome to Feminine Reveries – more than just girl talk! My name is Lui and I’m a girl (haha! big news..). Well, this will be all about women topics, but men are welcome, you can actually pick a thing or two here guys, like how to treat women right or what presents to pick for your girlfriend or wife or simly how not to annoy us, women :D.

Feminine Reveries will be dedicated to articles and tidbits on women’s health and fitness, fashion, beauty, kids and parenting, marriage and relationships, work and career, trends, women issues and of course, shopping!

I’m glad you dropped by my site and hope you find a something of interest here and do SUBSCRIBE to my feeds to be constantly updated. I welcome link exchange requests, please just leave a comment to any of my posts or use my CONTACT page.Your comments, suggestions would be much appreciated.

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